Earn Free Bitcoin Every hour By Just Playing a game

Hello friends today i am sharing with you about earning free bitcion. Bitcoin is a online currency and the price of 1 bitcoin = 595.7$ = 36008 Indian Rupee ( 21/06/2014 ;17:00) . Today i am sharing a website with you that pay free bitcoin Every Hour.

To Earn Free Bitcoin Just Follow these step and start earning free bitcoin every hour

  • Firstly Go To http://blockchain.info/wallet/ and create a bitcion wallet their if you didn't have it.
  • After Creating Wallet Copy Your Wallet Address Like This - 1768gwjsWKHBLy3L6WZMn7s******Cqmsa ( This is my bitcoin wallet address you get a unique address after sign up on that site )
  • Now Just Go To Freebitco.in a create a account. Paste your bitcoin address in first box and Password , Email Then Click on signup

Now You Successfully Register On FreeBitco.in . After Login Just Enter a capcha then you got a lucky number between 0-10000 that will decide how much bitcoin you win this time. 
These are the payout rates. You Can Play Free Game once every hour. But You Can Play Unlimited Multi Bitcoin game any time. In This You Need To Bet some Bitcoin and you get a chance to win double bitcoin.
You Can Earn Also By Just Reffer People. You Get 50% of your ref free game play earning.
Minimum Withdraw Limit is 0.00005460 Bitcoin.
Feel Free To Comment If you are facing any problem.

See The Video Guide Below

Earn Free Bitcoin Every hour By Just Playing a game Earn Free Bitcoin Every hour By Just Playing a game Reviewed by Amit Ahuja on Saturday, June 21, 2014 Rating: 5


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